Bad Ass Mickey by Danijel Jaman
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    Danijel Jaman is artist which represents new style of art, called “New pop art”.
    He was born in 1975. In Split where he  graduated from the  Academy of Fine Arts.
    His paintings adorn the imaginative vision, vibrant colors, creating the illusion of 3D by using a combination of painted and real elements in the painting.
    Jaman’s paintings have become an inspiration to many people to play with colors in their interiours.
    His work you can find in many collections all over the world.
    Thank you that you decided to visit pages and become a part of  JAMAN ART.

    The painting "Bad Ass Mickey" is humoristic and satirical interpretation of the situation in which we have found ourselves in 2020.
    The contrast between the background with graffiti-painted bricks and the shiny, glittering fist covered with crystals further emphasize such an idea.
    Banknotes have been specially designed and made for this painting. In addition to being painted on the artwork  itself, they also come in paper form.
    To put an additional accent on Mickey, Swarovski crystals were used – 10,000 of crystals were implemented on the hand, teeth, pants and shoes.

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