CARPE DIEM by Danijel Jaman
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    The painting Carpe Diem represents life as a filmstrip while each segment of that movie represents one part of our life in which we become main actors. The first shot of that filmstrip represents an inscription of Japanese culture (as a reaction to recent events in nuclear power plant in Fukushima in 2011). Another shot represents a woman emerging from vinyl record and a man emerging from the notes in a way that they create a relationship like harmony of music. In the central frame there is Marilyn who is having a dialogue with a cameraman which is written in the painting :“You will be a star, you will shine! One more right posture and we will record the end.....Super. “ In the next frame the film countdown represents our racing against time but also an inquiry : „What happens when the countdown comes to 0 ?!“ We are the main actors of our lives.
    The painting is painted over the frame Elements implemented to the painting: vinyl records, the newspaper Le Monde dated 28.3. notation W.A. Mozart's "Don Juan" and different post stamps. The text in the painting: You'll be a star you'll be a star! One more poses and we will shoot the end ... super star.

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