Bang Bang 3 by Jaman Art
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    Danijel Jaman is artist which represents new style of art, called “New pop art”.
    He was born in 1975. In Split where he  graduated from the  Academy of Fine Arts.
    His paintings adorn the imaginative vision, vibrant colors, creating the illusion of 3D by using a combination of painted and real elements in the painting.
    Jaman’s paintings have become an inspiration to many people to play with colors in their interiours.
    His work you can find in many collections all over the world.
    Thank you that you decided to visit pages and become a part of  JAMAN ART.

    Prints are made in a highly-quality paper and are specially treated with the anti-reflective protection allowing high quality painting presentation.

    Each poster is authorized with stamp and signed by the author.

    Playing with the colour spectrum, from deep blue to vivid red and orange, the artist creates a mesmerizing and a surreal setting which serves as a background for butterfly installations. There are 40 butterflies “flying” over these colourful clouds. Each butterfly represents a different segment of our life.
    Admiral Butterfly is inspired by the character who is an important part of several Jaman’s paintings – two of the distinctive ones being Candy Queen and Il Mondo. In both paintings the Admiral is portrayed in his underwear on top of the globe to remind us to be modest in life, otherwise, our ambition could be the end of us.
    No. 5 Butterfly represents a pop-art take on the famous Van Gogh’s piece called “Starry Night”. Instead of the stars, there are turquoise dots and instead of the moon, there are bananas. A banana is the artist’s signature and it’s present on almost every painting as a symbol of humour and irony.
    Smiley Butterfly represents a sharp contrast between love and war. The butterfly has a soldier’s helmet which instantly evokes thoughts of war and hatred. Nevertheless, the butterfly also conveys the message of love with flowers and smileys on its wings. The idea of optimism is something that the artist wants to imprint onto the mind of everyone who is observing his art.
    Mickey Butterfly – The artist has created the figure of popular Mickey in a completely different way - in his own style: the original Mickey was deconstructed to make parts for the unique collage that the artist had in mind. The result is an extraordinary visual balance of this vibrant and eye-catching sculpture.
    Love Butterfly represents the con

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