O sole mio by Jaman Art
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    Danijel Jaman is artist which represents new style of art, called “New pop art”.
    He was born in 1975. In Split where he  graduated from the  Academy of Fine Arts.
    His paintings adorn the imaginative vision, vibrant colors, creating the illusion of 3D by using a combination of painted and real elements in the painting.
    Jaman’s paintings have become an inspiration to many people to play with colors in their interiours.
    His work you can find in many collections all over the world.
    Thank you that you decided to visit pages and become a part of  JAMAN ART.

    The painting represents our life. Each record stands for one of the phases we go through. Here, our life develops from Le Monde newspaper and it goes through different phases. There is a broken plate which represents a period which was not so good. Eventually, we move on, keeping in mind nice moments only. A gramophone and a vinyl record playing right now are here to describe our present moment. The present should always be like music. The size of vinyl records symbolizes us evolving through life.
    EXTRA MATERIALS USED TO CREATE THE WORK: Vinyl record, 3 brushes, Le Monde newspaper
    TEXT IN THE PAINTING (originally written in Croatian, Italian and French): O sole mio! Coupe de bonheur with a little bit more sugar, please! Mix it well!

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