I LOVE YOU TOO by Danijel Jaman
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    The painting “I love you too” represents the way we all live today. The protagonists of the painting, the girl in the train and the astronaut, are taking selfies emphasizing in this way the moment of stopping and documenting the time as well as the need of sharing this with everybody by putting the photo on the social network and then just disappearing in the fast train as at the painting.
    Another perspective is shown by the second scene of the film strip where you can see the soldiers standing on the colorful cushiness and holding, together with the banana, a flag with the heart which symbolizes different relationships such as love and war.
    In the next scene of the film strip you can see Superman but without his superpowers, reduced to the level of a normal human being who is trying to row on the road while losing his infantile toys among which even his Batman life- belt.
    The counterpoint of Superman, in the third perspective of the colorful railways, we can see a completely “normal” man who really works at the railway station in Oslo and in this painting he becomes extremely important almost having the superpowers.
    The butterflies “flying” over the central composition of the painting explain different relationships and quests of a human life. A red led - lamp is installed behind every butterfly highlighting in this way the red coloring of the painting’s background.
    Through the back window of the train, we can see Tweety holding a heart-shaped balloon with the message “I love you too” which is the very name of the painting.

    Slika Mediteraneo predstavlja 24-satni ciklus dana gdje se u lijevom uglu pojavljuje mjesec, dok je nasuprot u desnom uglu sunce. Osnovna ideja šarenih jedara i regate poslužila je da se razvije koloristički balans hladnih i toplih boja stvarajući na takav način vizualnu harmoniju i sklad u oku promatrača.
    Mediteraneo je&

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