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    Jaman Art od Tom de Vries, United Kingdom
    Kolovoz 08. 2016
  • Beautiful modern artAs we were only staying in Split for a long weekend we decided to make the most of it and discover the old city, where we found a little gallery of colourful art which instantly caught our eye. Each piece of artwork produced has its own story to tell. They're pictures with in pictures. I found myself buying 'I Love You Too' phone case which I love. When I got home I had to look at the website and found myself going back for a second time the next day. Where I bought 2 prints 'I Love You Too' and 'Revolution' both beautiful pieces of fine modern art. Not only to mention I met the man himself Danijel Jaman who couldn't have been more pleased when a family of 5 stumbled through his door to admire his work. A really valuable memory to take back with me. To sum up Jaman pours his thoughts and idea out on a canvas with each intricate detail telling a different story and it is well worth a listen to the story if you get a chance. Absolutely amazing.

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    Super Star i5 od Jaman art, Croatia
    Prosinac 04. 2014
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